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Industrial Pretreatment

Vanchem Performance Chemicals can provide value added industrial pretreatment

Industrial Pretreatment

Industrial Pretreatment

Industrial pretreatment is a necessary process when preparing metal and plastic parts for painting. Industrial pretreatment includes, but is not limited to, cleaning, rinsing, phosphating, sealing, and final rinsing. Industrial pretreatment is a generic term that has come to mean several things. It is often referred to as coatings pretreatment, conversion coatings, industrial metal finishing, metal coatings, metal finishing process, metal finishing, metal surface treatment, pretreatment industrial, surface finishing, surface treatment, and so forth.

Vanchem Performance Chemicals produces industrial pretreatment chemicals for a wide range of manufacturing processes. These industrial pretreatment chemicals are used in industries such as automotive, appliance, office furniture, outdoor equipment, and agriculture equipment as well as other sectors in order to prepare metal and plastic parts for painting. Other products consistently used in industrial pretreatment are acid pickling inhibitors, scale removal accelerators, and lime or borax coating enhancers.

The importance of a proper industrial pretreatment is reflected in the parts field performance. Most commonly used forms of industrial pretreatment are iron and zinc phosphating.

The benefits of proper industrial pretreatment include:

  • Paint Adhesion

  • Long paint life without rusting – field performance

  • Prevent undercutting – water moisture migrating under the paint film

  • Metal to paint reaction – some wet paints can react with bare steel

Industrial pretreatment is normally discussed as the entire pretreatment operation. This includes the equipment or washer, loading and take off area, dry off oven, conveyor speed, part density hung on the line, proper tooling used to hang parts, sludge removal equipment, heating equipment – boilers or heat exchangers, as well as the chemicals themselves. Having a proper working knowledge of all aspects of industrial pretreatment is essential to operate a paint line efficiently. One has to remember that a paint line is a multi-variable process. Choosing the right industrial pretreatment company that has the products and people will make a paint managers life much simpler. Vanchem is that company.

Vanchem is highly driven to meet the highest quality standards in formulating industrial pretreatment products for industry. For more information, contact us at our corporate headquarters in Burlington Ontario.