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Waste Water Pretreatment

Vanchem provides a wide range of chemical products used in the treatment of industrial waters

Waste Water Pretreatment

Waste water pretreatment is a process that removes heavy metals and phosphates from water utilized by industry. Vanchem Performance Chemicals have a wide range of chemical solutions for waste water pretreatment. Our highly effective and cost efficient line of waste water pretreatment chemicals, when used appropriately will meet all Municipal, Provincial, Federal, County, and State regulations.

Heavy metals, oils and greases, including phosphates are the primary concern for general industry to remove from their process water. Most facilities today have an in-house waste water pretreatment system, which includes equipment such as neutralization tanks with mixing capability, flash mixing tanks for flocculation, clarifier, filter press, and an assortment of transfer pumps. The waste water pretreatment system requires appropriate chemicals to remove the heavy metals, oils, and phosphates.

Water from overflowing rinses from the metal finishing system normally require waste water pretreatment before it can be discharged to sanitary sewer. The first step is pH balancing and charge neutralization with a coagulant. A coagulant is a chemical that charge neutralizes dissolved metals like zinc, nickel, chrome, and phosphates, which transforms them into a suspended state. Once these metals are suspended in the water, they can be removed.

Here is a brief list of Vanchem’s line of coagulants: FERRIC CHLORIDE, VANCHEM CL40CG, aluminum-based products like VANCHEM AL PLUS, and combination products like VANCHEM CL PLUS. All these products can be delivered in bulk.

Flocculation is the next step in waste water pretreatment. A flocculant is normally a high molecular weight high charge density anionic polymer. The functional groups on the backbone of the polymer sweep-up the small pin-flocs formed in the coagulation step like a fishing net. The pin flocs then become large suspended particles that have enough weight to settle in the clarifier. One of Vanchem’s most popular flocculants is called VANFLOC 37.

The clarified water is pH trimmed before being sent to the sanitary sewer. The dissolved metals are now removed including phosphates and most water soluble oils. The solids must now be dewatered and consolidated in a filter press. The sludge cake formed must meet certain guidelines before it can be properly disposed of.

Contact Vanchem and our service engineers can help you determine the right products and methods for your waste water pretreatment needs.