vanchem performance chemicals

Specialty Chemical Companies

Vanchem is a leader in the preparation and treatment of metals and plastics

Specialty Chemical Companies

Vanchem Performance Chemicals have earned themselves consideration as one of the leading specialty chemical companies based on their extensive knowledge of business, as well as their efficient and effective position as supplier to their customers. Vanchem takes pride in their work, constantly striving for full achievement of their visions for competitive value in order to stand out amongst specialty chemical companies.

Vanchem’s reputation as a leader in specialty chemical companies is demonstrated by their willingness to provide training and advice on processes such as surface finishing, waste water pretreatment, detackification, zinc phosphate, de-scaling, pre-treatment chemicals, and many other specialty chemical processes.

Our staff is another important factor that reflects our standing as a leader amongst specialty chemical companies, by demonstrating drive, competence, decisiveness, flexibility, as well as innovation.

Vanchem’s corporate vision has helped the company to distinguish themselves from other specialty chemical companies through their dedication to customer satisfaction. We strive to improve the quality of our operations, to meet continually all customers’ and other stakeholders stated and implied needs. Vanchem has worked for competitive pricing in all of their products, in order to not only meet the needs of clients based on expectations related to time, quality, service, and delivery of our products but to feel confident in the quality service we provide.

A large aspect of Vanchem’s vision includes our undertaking to achieve, maintain, and seek to improve continuously the quality of our products and services. Vanchem strives to provide zero defect production, working to eliminate any possible problems immediately through our skill in troubleshooting. Our goal is continuous improvement.

For all of your chemical treatment needs in the industrial sector, consider the experience and dedication of a team who works as a leader of recognized specialty chemical companies, contact Vanchem Performance Chemicals at our corporate headquarters in Burlington Ontario.