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Water Treatment Chemicals

Vanchem has an effective line of water treatment chemicals in order to maintain your industrial equipment

Water Treatment Chemicals

Vanchem Performance Chemicals supplies a line of water treatment chemicals. Water treatment chemicals are used in equipment such as cooling towers, boilers, humidifiers, and chillers. These products are formulated to prevent scaling, corrosion, pitting, sludge build-up, pH balancing, and other common problems associated with these types of systems.

Rigid process control is essential in the application of water treatment chemicals. A boiler can scale up quickly if it is not properly monitored. Cooling towers can develop hazardous bacteria if biocides are not added regularly. Chillers will produce hard water scale decreasing the thermodynamic ability to chill production water if ordinary additions of water treatment chemicals are not added.

Some of Vanchem’s effective water treatment chemicals include:

SCALEX NA: SCALEX NA is a feed water and boiler water treatment chemical. This product is a highly concentrated liquid water treatment chemical used to control typical problems which arise in steam heaters or high pressure boilers such as scale deposition, corrosion, oxygen pitting and sludge.

SCALEX 15: (Steam Boiler Water Treatment): This product is also a concentrated liquid that battles common issues such as scale deposition, rusting or pitting, sludge and line corrosion that occurs in steam heating.

OXVOID P: (Powdered Boiler System Corrosion Preventative): This product is designed for use in boiler feed water in order to absorb dissolved oxygen. This prevents oxidation and pitting in boiler equipment.

VANTEK 29: VANTEK 29 is a clear alkaline liquid of low viscosity that is non-toxic and biodegradable. VANTEK 29 is formulated for use in closed or moderately open loop heating or cooling water systems. It is designed to rapidly dissolve existing deposits of metallic oxides and carbonate, sulphate, or silicate scale formations. The scale typically comes from heat transfer and piping surfaces. VANTEK 29 subsequently provides a monomolecular protection film on all ferrous or non-ferrous metal surfaces. VANTEK 29 also removes all oxygen from the water.

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