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Water Treatment Chemical

Vanchem can provide the correct water treatment chemical to suit your business

Water Treatment Chemical

Vanchem recommends that you use some form of water treatment chemical in your boiler (see Boiler chemical treatment companies), open and closed loop chiller, cooling tower, and or humidifier.

These water treatment chemicals prevent water pipe corrosion, scale deposition, oxygen pitting, kill bacteria that cause health risks such as Legionnaires disease, remove hard water ions to prevent scaling, sludge control, and de-scaling chemicals to remove built-up scale.

Water treatment chemicals are necessary and must be used and monitored constantly. If systems like cooling towers, boilers, and so forth are not monitored closely, these systems can scale up and become non-functional quickly. This can stop production causing huge cost in equipment replacement and production downtime.

A water treatment chemical is added at different times throughout production depending on the purpose and nature of the chemical. Chemicals that prevent scale and control corrosion are normally fed automatically with a controller and metering pumps. Regular checks of the concentration are necessary to keep the chemical concentrations at their optimal level.

Vanchem Performance Chemicals offers a variety of water treatment chemicals. Some of the products in our water treatment chemical line are:

VANTEK 18AW: VANTEK 18AW is designed for use in open recirculating cooling tower systems. It contains no phosphates or chromates, which are harmful to the environment. VANTEK 18AW will remove existing scale deposits and will protect systems from further corrosion and scaling under kinetic, as well as static, conditions. VANTEK 18AW is an excellent water treatment chemical that exhibits excellent stability at high temperatures. VANTEK 18AW provides corrosion resistance to ferrous as well as non-ferrous metallic surfaces.

NEUTRAMINE CM: (Acid Corrosion Control): Specially formulated water treatment chemical for steam boiler plants, this product is a blend of concentrated volatile organic amines. It prevents corrosion that can be caused by low pH steam when it must travel long distances.

OXVOID L: (Boiler System Corrosion Preventative): This product is a specially formulated water treatment chemical that absorbs dissolved oxygen to prevent pitting and oxidation in boiler feed water.

VANTEK 73: (Cooling Water Treatment): To control corrosion and scale, this product contains an all-organic inhibitor package. A synergistic polymer aids in dispersion and distorts crystal growth.

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