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Trivalent Conversion Coatings

Vanchem’s new environmentally friendly alternative to trivalent conversion coatings

Trivalent Conversion Coatings

Trivalent conversion coatings were developed in the 1980s as a less toxic alternative from the widely used but toxic hexavalent conversion coatings. Trivalent conversion coatings is used on metals such as aluminum and zinc, and to a lesser extent copper, cadmium, silver, tin, and other metals and their alloys. Trivalent conversion coatings are used to passivate aluminum and as a sealer on metal parts after an iron or zinc phosphate metal finishing process.

The use of trivalent conversion coatings flourished in the 1990s but has waned in recent years as disposal costs and other governmental regulations have made its use cost prohibitive. Trivalent conversion coatings is now used more as a final seal in metal finishing than as a primary passivation technique such as chromate conversion coatings (hexavalent chrome) were used for.

Vanchem’s GREENCOAT RF is the replacement for trivalent conversion coatings. Vanchem’s replacement for costly and hazardous trivalent conversion coatings will make your plant more environmentally friendly.

GREENCOAT RF is a non-chrome organic reactive film that passivates metal surfaces like trivalent conversion coatings do, but without generating hazardous waste. Vanchem formulated GREENCOAT RF as an excellent base for paint. GREENCOAT RF technology replaces trivalent conversion coatings. It is an environmentally friendly alternative because it contains no chrome (tri or hex), no phosphates, and can be operated at ambient temperature.

Where trivalent conversion coatings are used as a sealer, Vanchem recommends our non-chrome RINSEAL 7 or RINSEAL 9. Vanchem’s RINSEAL 7 and RINSEAL 9 are proven performers and have been used by our customers for more than ten years. When used as specified, it is possible to achieve 1000-hr salt spray performance on your painted parts where 1000-hr salt spray performance is equivalent to 5-years outdoor exposure. Talk to one of our service engineers for the right product selection for your pretreatment system.

Let Vanchem help your facility become chrome-free. Use Vanchem’s alternative to trivalent conversion coatings technology such as our GREENCOAT RF, RINSEAL 7, or RINSEAL 9. For more information about Vanchem’s environmentally friendly product line, contact us at our corporate headquarters in Burlington Ontario.