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Vanchem Performance Chemicals is a manufacturer that offers superior customer support. This has been our strength during ever-changing economic realities. When difficult economic times force clients to tighten their belts and maximize efficiencies, Vanchem refocus our efforts and help our customers minimize costs in all areas of manufacturing. Service is Vanchem’s gold standard. We have maintained our success by establishing loyal customers with consistent and reliable service.

There are many articles found on this web site that outlines our superior product line. With this article, we explain our superior service techniques that have marked Vanchem as one of the premier chemical manufacturers of specialty chemical products. For additional information regarding Vanchem’s service abilities, see our article Metal Finishing Services.

Our service team begins before you even make your first order. We begin with an on-site survey to establish what kind of equipment we will be dealing with, your equipment footprint, engineering and production constraints, and then offer recommendations on how to improve productivity. Choosing the right chemical supplier that works in your favour by improving your first pass throughput makes your facility more productive. A more productive plant improves your company’s margin. Alternatively, choosing a chemical company that talks a good game but does not deliver performance, will in the end, be a recipe for disaster. No company today can afford disasters. What you need is a company that delivers solutions. Vanchem has solutions for you.

After we complete our survey, Vanchem prepares a business proposal and presentation for key plant personnel including operators. Once we complete negotiations with purchasing, earn your trust and receive our first purchase order, Vanchem’s service team goes into overdrive. We organize and schedule necessary people and companies to achieve a seamless transition. This involves scheduling environmental companies (sucker truck), coordinating with your health and safety team (MSDS & handling), working with your ISO group to help re-write procedures (an important and often overlooked quality measure). We also train operators how to monitor and troubleshoot, work with production and engineering to maximize productivity, link with your quality people to ensure all quality requirements are met, and network with maintenance to establish daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly schedules.

Vanchem will have a full team of experts available for launch, so upper management can feel at ease with the process. As production reaches steady state, Vanchem prepares a service schedule that fits your unique style and requirements. Depending on your service requirements, Vanchem makes regular service visits to audit your production line. This is Vanchem’s distinctive way of being proactive rather than reactive. Vanchem fills out a written service report and then submits it to upper management, purchasing, engineering, production, quality, maintenance, and operators. This keeps everyone current, on top of issues, and promotes and establishes a proactive mentality.

With multivariable production lines, there are bound to be emergencies. Vanchem is available 24/7 and normally can have a service representative on-site within a couple of hours no matter what time it is or what time of year, including holidays.

Vanchem has become adept at engineering new equipment for those discerning customers looking to invest in new paint lines. Vanchem has helped design more than 30 washers over the years. This involves engineering recommendations in terms of critical parameters and basic design requirements, maintenance considerations, production increase considerations, and possible future technology changes. Some of the pictures of washers on this web site we helped design (see the picture displayed on our Home page as an example). If you are considering investing in a new paint line or upgrading your existing system, contact us for a free second opinion, you will not be disappointed.

See our many technical articles to help you determine what course of action to take. Have a look at our extensive product line for potential chemical solutions to your troubles. Contact Vanchem and put your trust in our ability to solve your problems.