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Vanchem performance chemicals produce many different types of paint booth coatings for many purposes, including the protection of walls from paint over spray.

Paint Booth Coatings

Paint Booth Coatings

Paint booth coatings are films that cover paint booths before actual painting begins. There are several different types of paint booth coatings, each with a different function and purpose. Their primary function is to protect the walls from paint overspray. (For further information on paint overspray, see our technical article Removing Paint Overspray.) Other functions include brightening the paint booth walls, covering the booth walls with a clear or blue grease (a process that makes for an easy application and clean up), and to capture airborne dirt particles.

Vanchem offers a line of specially formulated paint booth coatings. These products include PRESERVIT G, PRESERVIT BG, PRESERVIT 25-S, VANWHITE TACKY, STRIPEASI WHITE, STRIPEASI WHITE WB, and STRIPEASI CLEAR.

PRESERVIT BG and PRESERVIT G are very similar paint booth coatings. Both are thick grease compounds without toxic properties used to mask equipment and walls in paint booths. They are both industrial grade greases with good fiber that will cling to booth ceilings and walls. These paint booth coatings can be used in hard-to-reach areas such as interior wet baffles, stacks, and exhaust fans in order to provide protection against adhesion of raw paint to the metal. They are primarily used in paint booths and are now the product of choice in both water circulation systems and dry booths.

PRESERVIT 25-S is an oil-base paint booth coating designed for application by either spray or brush, which semi-dries to a tacky film. It provides protection from corrosion along with a suitable base for collecting overspray paint. This makes for easy removal and resists water flow on spray booth baffles. It is very useful on floors and gratings on downdraft booths where people walk.

Vanchem’s line of peelable coatings such as our STRIPEASI line is popular for smaller paint booths and more commonly used in dry booths.

For more information on Vanchem Performance Chemicals’ paint booth coatings, contact us at our corporate headquarter in Burlington Ontario.