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Latest Update: June 10, 2016

August 29, 2016: Vanchem’s new patent discussed in European Coatings Magazine


The Brock-Vanchem innovation is a sign of the times, says Ian McLeod, vice president of Vanchem Performance Chemicals. “The industry has switched over to greener technologies; they want to get rid of the heavy metals,” he says. “Large corporations and companies want to be environmental stewards. They want to be able to say, “look at what we are doing, we’ve replaced the old zinc phosphate technology with a new silane-based technology that doesn’t have any environmental impacts.”

April 21, 2016: Vanchem is awarded new US patent for Silane Pretreatment.

Vanchem has developed a new double silane polymer film that replaces traditional pretreatment chemistry with a true nano-technology. Vanchem calls this technology Greencoat.

October 26, 2014: Vanchem is awarded paint detackification at Honda of Canada Manufacturing in Alliston, Ontario.

The technology used will be Vanchem’s new Greentak 1500. This product was developed in conjunction with our partner Polymer Ventures. Vanchem is to provide the chemical and servicing of the HCM Plant 1, Plant 2, & Plastic Department.

June 1, 2014: Vanchem sign’s deal with NRC-CNRC to hire graduate engineer.

Vanchem in conjunction with NRC-CNRC Industrial Research Assistance Program have recently hired a graduate engineer as part of their Youth Project Proposal. The graduate will help monitor our Greentak 1500 launch at Honda and be one of the primary liaisons between Vanchem and Honda.

May 20, 2014: Vanchem launches trial of Greentak 1500 at Honda

Vanchem has launched their new Greentak 1500 at Honda of Canada Manufacturing in both Civic line and PO Department lines. Greentak 1500 replaces the old melamine formaldehyde based detackifier with their newly developed environmentally friendly product.

Vanchem’s President, Jim Van Camp said that, “The Greentak 1500 works equally well on waterborne and solvent based paints which is a massive improvement from the melamine-based detackifers of old. In addition, it is non-toxic, easier to handle, reduces caustic usage, less pH sensitive, more solvent resistant, and produces less sludge than melamine.” Vanchem’s partnership with Polymer Ventures has shown there will be less sludge build upand accumulation and less need to clean pits out every year. It’s a win-win for everyone.

March 2014: Vanchem-Brock extended their joint OCE Grant until June 2014

In April 2012, Vanchem-Brock were awarded $180,000 grant from Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE) entitled, “Green Anti?Corrosion Coating for Metal Surfaces”. The grant was awarded through the Industry-Academic Collaboration Program (IACP) between Brock University and Vanchem where the OCE facilitated the project.

September 26, 2013: Ian McLeod meets with Honourable Gary Goodyear, Minister of State.

Vanchem’s Vice President, Ian McLeod,met with the Honourable Gary Goodyear, Minister of State for Science and Technology as well as the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario), alongside Rick Dykstra, Member of Parliament for St. Catharines, today, at Brock University to discuss the Vanchem-Brock FedDev research success.When asked McLeod said, “The governments funding combined with the research capabilities of Brock University took our scientific concept and made it into a product that Vanchem can now sell on the open market. This investment allows us to hire high-tech and well paid individuals to design, manufacture, market, and sell uniquely Canadian technology not only in Canada but globally and around the world.”

First Photo (left to right): Professor Vincenzo De Luca, Bill Mori, Professor Paul Zelisko, Hon. Gary Goodyear (Minister of State, Science and Technology), Ian McLeod. Second Photo: Ian McLeod, Rick Dykstra (MP – St Catharines), Professor Paul Zelisko.

June 1, 2013: Vanchem partners with McMaster University

and their Graduate Enterprise Internship (GEI) program to hire a graduate Chemical Engineer, to do research development work with our new Greentak technology. The contract will last between June 1, 2013 and February 7, 2014 and will work with our automotive partners, in particular, Honda Manufacturing of Canada, to set the stage for our Greentak 1500 launch scheduled for the spring of 2014.

January 10, 2013: President Jim Van Camp announces new business partnership with Polymer Ventures based in Charleston, SC.

Polymer Ventures specializes in designing and manufacturing specialized polymers for industry and Vanchem specializes in utilization of polymers for industry. President, Jim Van Camp said of the newly signed partnership, “This is a private partnership and a win-win for both companies. Polymer Ventures brings the knowledge and skill set of a specialty polymer manufacturer while Vanchem has the customer base eagerly looking for the newest and latest technology available to them.” In addition, Vanchem’s Vice President, Ian McLeod said of the new opportunity, “Vanchem now has exclusivity with Polymer Ventures products in Canada. They have the best environmentally friendly or green polymer technology on the market for paint detackification to name only one area of interest.”

November 27, 2012: Ian McLeod presents at DeGroote School of Business

for an exclusive Innovation Breakfast Presentation…see video Here

August 21, 2012: Vanchem partnered with the RCMP

through their Critical Infrastructure Intelligence Team (CIIT) who has developed the Suspicious Incident Reporting (SIR) system. The CIIT examines criminal physical threats to critical infrastructure in support of the RCMP’sand Government of Canada’s Critical infrastructure protection mandates. The CIIT collaborates with domestic partners at the federal and provincial government levels, as well as other law enforcement groups and private sector stakeholders, to protect critical infrastructure. The SIR system’s mandate is to gather information from industry, government and law enforcement about suspicious incidents to allow CIIT to more easily determine whether these incidents pose threats to critical infrastructure.

Last updated: June 4, 2012

April 1, 2012

Vanchem awarded $180,000 grant from Ontario Centre of Excellence (OCE) entitled, “Green Anti?Corrosion Coating for Metal Surfaces”. This grant was awarded through the Industry-Academic Collaboration Program (IACP) between Brock University and Vanchem Performance Chemicals where OCE facilitates the project.

“This is the largest grant ever awarded to Vanchem,” says Jim Van Camp, Vanchem’s President. “It’s a two year collaboration project that will scientifically validate Vanchem’s new Greencoat technology. We are now achieving 1000 hours salt spray on cold rolled steel, something our critics said couldn’t be done.”

Vanchem’s vice president, Ian McLeod, enthusiastically endorsed the OCE grant program. “By the year 2014, we’ll have a technology that requires no heat, doesn’t scale or sludge, is economically viable, uses existing customer equipment, is water based, and exceeds automotive corrosion protection requirements. It’s the kind of technology Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler expect for the future.”

March 31, 2012

Vanchem completed its FedDev Applied Research and Commercialization project with Brock University. New green formulation(s) are now achieving 1000 hr salt spray on cold rolled steel, a huge breakthrough. “Panels are still on test in some cases,” said, Ian McLeod, Vanchem’s vice president, “but it looks like we have a real winner, and possibly a game changer for Vanchem.”

January 1, 2012

Vanchem launches its new pretreatment for high heat applications such as barbeques and exhaust systems. “The problem in the past,” says Ian McLeod, Vanchem’s vice president, “was that high temp powder coat paints performed poorly because they couldn’t sufficiently bond to the substrate where traditional pretreatment like iron phosphate could not stand up to the high field temperatures. Vanchem’s new silane pretreatment enhances adhesion and doesn’t breakdown in heat up 1000F.”

Learn more about Vanchem’s new pretreatment system for high heat applications, click here.

May 31, 2011

Vanchem completed its NSERC ENGAGE project developing agreen pretreatment technology that has shown promising results on cold rolled steel (CRS).

March 03, 2011

Vanchem completes IRAP project “New Green Detackification Primary Coagulant”. Vanchem has now developed a new green detackification technology to replace traditional melamine resin.

June 20, 2010: Vanchem submits new application to the NRC for IRAP funding

Vanchem has submitted a formal application to the National Research Council Canada (NRC) as part of the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) to help fund research entitled New Green Detackification Primary Coagulant. Vanchem’s vice president, Ian McLeod, was asked about expectations. “We’ve already begun research in this area with promising results,” said McLeod. “The IRAP assistance will help offset costs associated with the highly technical nature of this research. With the funding we’ll be able to hire a full time research chemist for this project and we expect results by mid to late 2011, and customer production trials by early to mid-2012.”

May 31, 2010: NSERC Engage grant awarded to Vanchem and Brock University

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) approved Vanchem’s joint Engage Grants (EG) program application with Brock University. The project is entitled Silane-based Anti-corrosion Coatings. The EG program is designed to foster research partnerships between Canadian based companies with the unique knowledge base of Canadian Universities. The project will begin June 24, 2010, with a six month window for completion. When asked, Vanchem’s vice president Ian McLeod said, “This project is the start of phase two for our silane-based pretreatment technology. We’ve already developed two products currently utilized by industry. Now we need to design a silane coating with self-healing properties.”

May 2010: Announcement at Brock University, research story

January 28, 2010: Vanchem awarded NRC grant as part of IRAP project

The National Research Council Canada (NRC) as part of the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP) approved Vanchem’s application entitled New Silane Based Pretreatment. “We are very pleased with the approval of our application,” said Ian McLeod, Vanchem’s vice president. “Green technology is the future of metal finishing and it’s great to see the federal government stepping to the plate to help fund small business in their quest to develop green products for the global market place.”

December 18, 2009: Vanchem submits application to NRC for IRAP funding

Vanchem has submitted an application to the National Research Council Canada as part of the Industrial Research Assistance Program to further advance Vanchem’s silane-based development.

June 2, 2009: Ian McLeod presents latest silane research at the 92nd Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition.

See video of Ian McLeod’s presentation here.