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The Industrial Metal Finishing Process

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Industrial Metal Finishing

Industrial metal finishing is a generic expression that covers all aspects of metal pretreatment. Often the phrase industrial metal finishing is interchangeable with other generic phrases, such as surface finishing, industrial pretreatment, iron phosphating, and zinc phosphating.

Industrial metal finishing involves the chemical treatment of metals prior to painting. Normally, the following processes of industrial metal finishing are performed in this order: cleaning (see Metal Pretreatment Cleaners), pre-rinsing, iron or zinc phosphating (see Iron Phosphates & Zinc Phosphates), post-rinsing, sealing (see Non Chrome Sealers), and final rinsing. The pretreatment process helps prevent undercutting of paint and improves corrosion resistance.

The chemical reaction that takes place in industrial metal finishing between the metal surface and iron/zinc phosphate solution converts the steel exterior to a thin layer of insoluble phosphate. This layer is inorganic, non-metallic, non-conductive, and integral to the steel surface.

In spray applications, industrial metal finishing regularly utilizes a three-stage, five-stage, or seven-stage washer. For immersion systems, the number of stages can vary but incorporates the same elements as spray. The number of stages depends on the type of metal, the condition of the surface, paint adhesion, performance requirements, and above all end user expectations. Regardless of the number of stages employed, cleaning, rinsing, and phosphating must occur before a metal part is painted. If one does not complete all necessary pretreatment steps, the paint will not properly bond to the steel surface. If the paint does not bond properly, it will more than likely delaminate from the surface.

The type of metal treated and the amount of material processed is another factor considered in industrial metal finishing. Vanchem formulates its product line with these specific requirements in mind.

In each industrial metal finishing stage, there are specific variables that must be controlled and maintained. These variables include, but are not limited to, pH levels, chemical concentration, bath temperature, conductivity, spray pressure, and spray or immersion time.

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