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Heat Exchanger De-scaling

Vanchem’s lines of heat exchanger de-scaling products are efficient and cost-effective

Heat Exchanger De-Scaling

Heat exchanger de-scaling is essential maintenance for heat transfer surfaces. Without regular maintenance, water scale will build up over time. This will reduce the heat transfer efficiency of your equipment. If scale build up is not removed, critical fouling may arise leading to equipment breakdowns.

Vanchem Performance Chemicals’ VANCHEM RSH is an inhibited hydrochloric acid based formula. It is designed for rapid heat exchanger de-scaling caused by water hardness or phosphate precipitates. The VANCHEM RSH is used primarily for heat exchanger de-scaling in cleaner heat exchangers. For phosphate heat exchanger de-scaling, we recommend our FOSTEX 20. FOSTEX 20 has other applications such as filter press de-scaling, and rust removal on steel.

General cleaning alone will not remove hard water scale, oil, and grease that can build up in industrial heat exchangers. VANCHEM RSH or FOSTEX 20 contains special wetting agents to remove co-precipitated oils or greases. These heat exchanger de-scaling processes will restore all metal surfaces and plastic surfaces to their original condition.

Vanchem also produces a non-toxic and biodegradable product, VANTEK 29, for scale and corrosion control in boiler heat exchangers. VANTEK 29 has been formulated for heat exchanger de-scaling in closed or moderately open loop heating or cooling water systems.

When using VANCHEM RSH, FOSTEX 20, or VANTEK 29, proper personal protection equipment (PPE) must be worn. To avoid violent boiling during heat exchanger de-scaling, never add water to RSH, always add RSH to water. For more information about general de-scaling and our recommended products and their application, see our technical articles Chemical De-scaling, De-scaling, and Steel De-scaling.

Vanchem is highly driven to meet the highest quality standards in formulating heat exchanger de-scaling compounds for industry. Vanchem will meet your manufacturing heat exchanger de-scaling needs. For more information, contact us at our corporate headquarters in Burlington Ontario.