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De-Rusting, Degreasing and Cleaning Pretreatment

Vanchem's line of special cleaners prepare metal surfaces for pretreatment

De-Rusting, Degreasing and Cleaning Pretreatment

Photo: Courtesy of Pacline Overhead Conveyors

Vanchem Performance Chemicals has a line of products for de-rusting, degreasing and cleaning all types of metals. These various products clean and condition metal and are used in many industrial sectors such as automotive, appliance, office furnishings, outdoor equipment and many more.

Metal surface treatment includes de-rusting, degreasing and cleaning. This metal finishing process prepares the substrate for phosphating and subsequent painting. Technological improvements in Vanchem’s cleaner formulation have extended the life of our cleaners from weeks to many months. This reduces the excessive cost of dumping spent cleaners once they are saturated with oils. Vanchem’s unique formulation allows oils to release so an oil skimmer can remove tramp oils extending cleaner bath life. This is a major cost savings for customers who use our cleaners and a major cost disadvantage to those that do not.

The metal pretreatment process first step is to clean the surface. These steps work by de-rusting, degreasing and cleaning to remove buildup of oxides, stamping lubes, drawing compounds, and soils. The importance of an effective cleaning process is crucial in removing buildup from processes such as machining, stamping, spinning, bending, polishing, welding, and so forth. Without the proper removal of these types of compounds, including rust or oxides, one cannot properly paint the metal parts. Iron and zinc phosphate require a pristine surface before the phosphating step, which is achieved by de-rusting, degreasing and cleaning.

Two of Vanchem’s industrial strength products that tackles de-rusting, degreasing, and cleaning of metals are VANCLEAN 41S and VANCLEAN 42M (see Vanchem’s product line of Metal Cleaners for more information). These products are heavy-duty chelating cleaners combined with accelerators, wetting agents and solvents to tackle ferrous oxide and water-soluble lubricants of all types. These cleaners are designed for de-rusting, degreasing and cleaning without metal attack.

The goal today is zero paint defects. The best way to achieve this is a de-rusting, degreasing and cleaning package that can remove the widest scope of oxides (red rust), lubes, and soils. When these two products are used in conjunction, VANCLEAN 41S, followed by VANCLEAN 42M, in a multi-stage automatic washer, we guarantee a clean and water break free surface.

Vanchem is highly driven to meet the highest quality standards in de-rusting, degreasing and cleaning for industry. For more information, contact us at our corporate headquarters in Burlington Ontario.