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Degreaser Pretreatment of Aluminum

Vanchem offers several mild alkaline cleaners for degreaser pretreatment of aluminum to meet your needs

Degreaser Pretreatment of Aluminum

Degreaser Pretreatment of Aluminum

The process of degreaser pretreatment of aluminum is somewhat different from the process of cleaning steel products. Heavy-duty alkaline and caustic based cleaners commonly used to clean steel will partially dissolve aluminum and can blacken the surface. It is therefore wise to use a mild alkaline cleaner for degreaser pretreatment of aluminum. Another concern that affects degreaser pretreatment of aluminum is the formation of oxide on aluminum, known as white rust because of the color of its deposit.

Vanchem Performance Chemicals produces several degreaser pretreatment of aluminum products to meet various industrial needs. FOSTEX AL (1, 2, 3) is an aluminum cleaner designed for plate aluminum. A common use for this product is when aluminum plates are welded together, like on a tanker truck. A black smut oxide results from welding. FOSTEX AL removes both black and white oxide from the surface. The numbers 1, 2, and 3 represent increasing concentrate of the base product. Your Vanchem representative can help you decide which product is right for you.

An additional complication of degreaser pretreatment of aluminum occurs when die-casting aluminum products. Mold release agents are used to ensure aluminum does not stick to the die surface. In some instances, the mold releases bond to the newly formed aluminum piece. A unique cleaner should be selected to remove the mold release agent and aluminum oxide without attacking the aluminum surface like a caustic cleaner would. VANCLEAN ALDC is that product.

VANCLEAN ALDC is an aluminum plate and die-cast cleaner-coater specially formulated to remove mold releases and oxide and impart a thin coating of iron phosphate. This product also removes heavy white oxide smut resulting from die-cast quenching during manufacturing. The removal of oxides ensures the aluminum piece can be phosphated and then painted. Other products in Vanchem’s degreaser pretreatment of aluminum line include VANCLEAN S75NP and VANCLEAN 360. These two cleaners are both mild alkaline cleaners and have wide applications.

Vanchem is committed to producing degreaser pretreatment of aluminum products that will meet the needs of your company. For more information, contact our corporate offices in Burlington.