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Boiler Chemical Treatment Companies

Boiler Chemical Treatment Companies, Vanchem Performance Chemicals is your solution

Boiler Chemical Treatment Companies

When evaluating Vanchem Performance Chemicals between other boiler chemical treatment companies, chemistry is, job one. Our Water Treatment Product Line will meet all your requirements.

Vanchem utilizes all the latest environmental technologies for controlling scale, oxygen pitting, corrosion, sludge levels, condensate line corrosion, metallic oxides, carbonate, sulphates, silicate scale, and bacteriological control. This is not the case for other boiler chemical treatment companies.

Vanchem is second to none with respect to other boiler chemical treatment companies. From the smallest industrial boiler to the largest automotive sized boiler, Vanchem has the product you need.

Vanchem is a young and dynamic company that puts emphasis in its people compared to other boiler chemical treatment companies. Our service engineers are highly trained to solve problems quickly and help you reduce downtime. Vanchem has been in business since before WWII, and incorporated and renamed in 1985 from Van Camp Chemicals to Vanchem Performance Chemicals.

Not all boiler chemical treatment companies are equal. There is a lot of diversity in today’s boiler designs. To meet that diversity, Vanchem has a wide range of products. Vanchem has more than ten different products for corrosion control, three different products for conditioning water and steam, and four unique biocides.

Vanchem is driven to meet the highest quality standards. We are highly respected amongst all boiler chemical treatment companies. Vanchem will meet your manufacturing needs. For more information, contact us at our corporate headquarters in Burlington Ontario.