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About Us

Vanchem Performance Chemicals’ first success story occurred during WWII. We became a manufacturing leader of industrial weld flux (SOD–R–RITE), a product in great need during that period. It was one of the first non-corrosive fluxes formulated for metal alloys available to the North American market. As time progressed, Vanchem’s product line changed with changing times. Commoditized products such as welding flux became unprofitable. Specialty chemical products eventually became Vanchem’s primary revenue generator.

Today’s chemical business culture is very different compared to yesterday’s business culture. In fact, in the past five years alone, chemical business has experienced more change than the seventy years that preceded it. During the past era, business philosophy focused on profitable manufacturing of materials required by the expanding market place. Sadly, companies in that era spent little intellectual time on things like worker health and safety and almost no thought at all on things like environmental impact. This changed drastically in the 1980s where scientists showed that an assortment of chemical compounds caused cancer in humans and affected ecological systems. Today, companies like Vanchem begin with health, safety, and environmental impact before beginning any product development project. The new emphasis for Vanchem is on green technology.

Vanchem Performance Chemicals is a green steward of the environment and have been a chrome free facility for more than twenty years. In 2003, Vanchem eliminated all nonylphenol ethoxylates from our metal cleaners and iron phosphate cleaner-coaters. Vanchem can now boast that nearly half our revenue comes from green industrial wastewater treatment chemicals – the chemical treatment of industrial waters before returning it to sanitary sewer. We have an extensive product line of low temperature metal cleaners, zinc phosphates and iron phosphates including ambient non-chrome sealers. Low temperature products require less energy input and save money during production. This is environmentally friendly because less energy is required lowering your carbon footprint. Vanchem has recently developed a new non-chrome, non-phosphate, reactive-film coating, GREENCOAT RF. This product will replace all iron and zinc phosphates in the future, as the technology establishes a higher profile and as the technology improves.

Vanchem Performance Chemicals is widely recognized as an efficient and effective supplier, giving competitive value to customers. We are comprised of competent, decisive, flexible and innovative personnel that are motivated to pursue achievement. One of our greatest strengths over the years is our commitment to servicing our customers (see Services). Vanchem is excited about our future and looks forward to helping you with yours. Contact Vanchem to get the products and services your company deserves.